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NBIS Primary

NBIS is a Cambridge International School and in the Primary Section follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum.

This provides a continuous and consistent programme leading seamlessly into Cambridge Secondary.

The curriculum challenges students in accordance with their abilities, and thus develops confidence, knowledge, understanding and thinking skills in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and commitment.

Cambridge is used for foundation subjects: Mathematics, English, English as a Second Language and Science, while Humanities and Social Sciences are planned in-house.

Class sizes are kept small and weare pleased to have two teachers in each classroom, one native English speaker and one Chinese trained teacher. They work side by side and offer us the chance to support those acquiring English, especially in small class sizes.

The mode of instruction is English in all classes and we encourage the use of English at home to enhance and reinforce learning at school.

All children have Chinese lessons once a day, in groups according to their needs and abilities.

We also have the benefit of specialist PE, Drama, Art and Music teachers, although some class teachers are able to teach those subjects. Classes have full use of our ICT Room as well as a bank of iPads used for research and skill building. The school also provides access to online reading facilities through RAZ Kids and mathematics practice using IXL.

During the year the children take part in Maths/Literacy Evenings, Drama Day, Science Fair, Sports Day, swimming lessons and Art exhibitions.

After school clubs take place and include various sports, arts and creative pursuits taken by the teachers.

Find out more about the curriculum at: www.cie.org.uk/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-primary

Tony Fuller
Head of Primary